We are new to breeding Jersey Cows and we now have our first calf we call RINGO!

Meet SALLY. 

SALLY is a reg. Jersey who came from a milking farm.  We were fortunate to take this beauty home.

SALLY hand and machine milks and this year sucessfully took on 2 calves. 

SALLY is a very good mom, and kind to her humans, loves to be scratched and petted.


SALLY has had her calf!!!

  A beautifully marked bull calf with a heart on his head to just wanna make you cuddle him!  Its been awfully cold here  so RINGO wears a blanket right now and has a buddy we call RASCAL. 


Ador-Me's Ringo Hearts

Bull Jersey

Nov 30, 2019@1:15 am


Both boys are doing wonderfully on Sally.  Nothing better than a mothers milk! 

Both babies have never got scours, snotty noses or the snarflies....

Sally has them on a schedule and loves her babies!

for Sale

for Sale




Dec 3,2019

Rascal for Sale (Holstein)

Dec 3, 2019


CORAL is a very sweet girl who is enjoying her handling sessions.

CORAL is soon to be bred for a calf in 2021!

Meet HOLY.

HOLY is friendly and sociable, she likes to give kisses and enjoys her pats.  She is still learning as we we continue to handle her more.

HOLY is soon to be bred for a calf in 2021!



DAISY was retired to a pet home.  She enjoys her own stall and playing with the piggies.  Her humans absolutly adore her as she is very friendly...easy to catch, lead and loves her chop!